The goal for this program is to stimulate the conversation  patriarch/matriarch have with their family. Culinary experiences are one of  the oldest traditions in American culture and urban communities. 


For many years, the kitchen has been the gathering spot. Spontaneous conversations spark in this culturally rich environment. Topics such as family updates, food, recipe sharing and more.


Healthy eating habits and parent relationships play a major role in the wellness of our children's future, to mental health and even social and emotional wellbeing. 


Since 1995 the Starting Point brand has been addressing wellness from various perspectives. Education has been one of  our primary focus areas. What we have discovered is that parents who engage with their child's education systems have a great impact on the child's food and lifestyle choices.


The F.A.C.C.E.S. Agency creates customized content using a three pronged approach to position our partners and sponsors as organizations capable of inspiring, empowering, and improving our community lifestyle. Enabling families to focus on the brand(s) that transport them through the complexities that come with pursuing and living a lifestyle of wellness. 

Food With Family Services That Promote A Lifestyle Of  Healthy Eating & Wellness